Gooden Emphasizes Teaming in Publication of New Book

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Shelome Gooden recently celebrated the publication of her book, “Social and structural aspects of language contact and change.”

“Academic research is community. Teaming is critical for humanities research,” Gooden, who is also a and Professor in the Department of Linguistics, said in a LinkedIn post.

As such, in producing their book, Gooden and her co-editor, Bettina Migge, teamed up with linguists across the field of Language Contact/Creolistics, colleagues and former students from Ohio State Linguistics.

They used a collaborative LaTeX editor, Overleaf, to write, revise and edit; reviewers gave critical feedback on submitted papers; relied on a community of readers for proofreading on Paperhive (an online coworking hub for researchers); and teamed with Teaching Associate Professor Abdesalam Soudi PhD for an editing internship opportunity for two linguistics undergrads whom they trained on editing and typesetting in LaTeX. The editing team at Language Science Press eased them through the process of open source publishing as well, Gooden noted. 

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