The University of Pittsburgh is committed to creating a more racially equitable university and building stronger communities through outreach across Pittsburgh. Learn more about engagement efforts and opportunities below.

Outreach, Connections, Empowerment

Community Engagement Centers

Community Engagement Centers (CECs) are welcoming spaces that create a front door to the University of Pittsburgh in neighborhoods, building stronger communities and a stronger University based on long-term place-based partnerships. Learn more about the CECs.

Community Engaged Scholarship Forum

The Community Engaged Scholarship Forum (CESF) annually celebrates the diversity of community-engaged work across the University of Pittsburgh. It is where faculty, students, staff, and community members come to present their community-engaged work, discover new avenues of partnership, network with those who do similar work and celebrate Pitt's commitment to community engagement.

Year of Engagement

Pitt’s Year of Engagement in academic year 2020-2021 was a celebration of the work that’s central to our mission: collaborating to confront the world’s biggest challenges and mobilize toward a better, more equitable and just society for all. Learn more about the events and initiatives that occurred throughout the year.

Anti-Black Racism Course

Anti-Black Racism: History, Ideology, and Resistance (PITT 0210) is a multidisciplinary course that grapples with three key areas of inquiry: the roots, ideology, and resistance to anti-Black racism. Built around the expertise of Pitt faculty and Pittsburgh area activists, this course will introduce students to the established tradition of scholarship focused on the Black experience and Black cultural expression and also examine the development, spread, and articulations of anti-Black racism.

Improving Racial Equity at Pitt

Learn more about the early steps in the University of Pittsburgh's efforts to improve racial equity at Pitt.