Executive Leadership Training

Executive Leadership Training (ELiTe) is a program developed by the Office of the Provost for chairs, associate deans, and vice presidents (hereafter referred to executives, for brevity). This program is designed to build leadership skills of participating executives and foster a deeper awareness and understanding of their roles within the larger University context. 

The program was launched in 2018-2019 as a nine-month fellowship that includes mentoring, leadership training and project-based learning, and a small group of faculty participated in the pilot program. Based on the results of the pilot, and feedback from executives, the ELiTe program has been revised to focus on three specific objectives:

  1. Develop and strengthen core leadership skills through instruction, activities, and dialogue with senior leaders;
  2. Build a cross-disciplinary community of mid-level academic leaders; and
  3. Create a career pathway for academic leaders.

Executives will participate in monthly learning sessions over the course of the academic year that include formal lecture, case analyses, and dialog with senior University leaders. Speakers will be drawn from within and outside the University. EliTe participants will also work in small teams to analyze a dilemma or problem facing an academic unit or the University as a whole, and propose recommendations for ways to address the dilemma or problem. EliTe participants or senior leaders may suggest project topics.

The ELiTe program is offered each academic year, with calls for nominations in late Spring.  Each EliTe cohort is limited to 24 executives.